Sanctum pledge… not alive, not dead!

I know it isn’t a lie

Though it can’t be true,

This surreal feeling crushing my heart,

Something I did not choose.

I’d rather not to have a heart

But, what could I’ve possibly do?

Making friends to see her smile,

Making friends with pain is no truce.

Every beat is a battle cry

Every beat is a war I lose.

God have mercy for once!

Tell my eyes to love her not;

In the meantime I’ll say good bye

Good night and so long,

but Before sleeping…

let me offer a prayer for a kiss… ❤

And my soul for her love.

By: Fabian Gil Amado




The mighty powers of a god

within the mind of a child…

so, I’ve been called to live

one more time.

The day will come

to the night to be born again

and the pain inflicted by the world

will open the doors shattered with rain.


The fate of the man

lies in offended hands

hoping for the best

claiming mercy instead of wrath…

Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark




My granny was the person who made me forget the blame for being alive… when she died; I was guiltier than anyone.

There was no sunset without her smile, and the sun wasn’t allowed to come out without a tender kiss of good night.

She taught me the secrets of the cross, and why, and how the lord bleed out because of love… however he was meant to come back, to claim all the love of mankind.

If love may give us back our lord; why love have not gave me back my story teller?

A single human female who has no debt, she suffered this life like no one else, she does not belong with the kingdom of dead, all I know is, she is in heaven and I’m buried in hell.

my eye


I understand if granny doesn’t want to see me again, I didn’t attend her call at her deathbed; if I cloud change all my blood for a single good by, It would be the best deal I could make in my fkng life.

The worst part of losing someone who loves you more than her very own child, is all the memories telling you That she is gone, and all the things you said and made;  are already said and done.

Made by:

Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark

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I wish i could write more often, but does not having a job is a real pain in the eyes

The Queen of Thorns

Involved in a shiny dark

A deathly girl brings flowers to the bar

She has the devil’s soul with an angel’s grace

The most bitter pain on the cutest face.


Dressed up with a napkin

She’s coming to my bed

A holy commandment should not entertain;

But, this glorious sin is been written in my name

I can’t fight it… it is easier to hold back the rain.

Covered with a thousand thorns and a couple of

Beautiful eyes; she shows no mercy; whit me she can’t be shy.


Oh red! What a vogue fashion runs through my veins;

With a tender touch she proposed me an exchange;

She lied down over my chest burying the thorns

Along with pleasure in to my flesh…

labios cellados

boca alambrada


All of this was just a dream, however,

The label of her lips is still on me;

The pain hasn’t gone and my heart still bleeds.

It is her absence the only unreal, I still

Love her and a crone of thorns is the

Forbidden memory for those who couldn’t forget.


Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark

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