and all the sudden i’ve come to realize that she was the deadliest angel sent from heavens to claim my heart… will I faint?…. will I die? I guess i’ll find it out before the battle cry.eye in pain


Speaking without words

Speaking out loud,

The silence between us

Slowly made us fall

Into an innocent game;

Crossing eyes in a day of rain

A crossed heart did beat again,

Behind the rules we live in the daylight

In the shadows we’ll meet in our true state of art.



Edgar Fabián Gil Amado


with my fkng camera

To my Moon

She’s as beautiful as a breaking dawn with two suns upon the sky;

My heart burns in her presence, but even if it hurts

I stand unable to walk away.

My soul cries a song, it is an anthem to the rain;

And as I call her name

I wonder if she wants to be mine

For I’m already hers.



Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

Sólem, el Dios sin creación. Sinopsis

Se había cumplido una promesa, o eso quería imaginar el duque inmerso en su estado de inconciencia, pues el niño inocente de la corona que había llevado consigo a la batalla, se había transformado en un hombre muy distinto durante su bautismo de sangre y fuego. Ese hombre que llevó a mi padre de regreso a casa le permitió dilucidar a sus tropas su verdadero carácter para gobernar; todo esto al caer presa de su instinto horas antes, cuando se quedó mirando al paladín de su reino con morbo en medio una tenue nube de humo mientras que este quebraba los cráneos y hundia las costillas del pequeño escuadrón de fusileros, que pudo haber escrito un final muy diferente para esta historia.


Sólem, el Dios sin creación

Con gran placer les presento a mi primera obra literaria publicada con la editorial Oveja negra. El título de la novela es Sólem el dios sin creación; espero que puedan disfrutarla… la pueden conseguir a través de los canales de distribución de la editorial o directamente conmigo.

Con aprecio

Edgar Fabián Gil Amado


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

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My granny was the person who made me forget the blame for being alive… when she died; I was guiltier than anyone.

There was no sunset without her smile, and the sun wasn’t allowed to come out without a tender kiss of good night.

She taught me the secrets of the cross, and why, and how the lord bleed out because of love… however he was meant to come back, to claim all the love of mankind.

If love may give us back our lord; why love have not gave me back my story teller?

A single human female who has no debt, she suffered this life like no one else, she does not belong with the kingdom of dead, all I know is, she is in heaven and I’m buried in hell.

my eye


I understand if granny doesn’t want to see me again, I didn’t attend her call at her deathbed; if I cloud change all my blood for a single good by, It would be the best deal I could make in my fkng life.

The worst part of losing someone who loves you more than her very own child, is all the memories telling you That she is gone, and all the things you said and made;  are already said and done.

Made by:

Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark

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