and all the sudden i’ve come to realize that she was the deadliest angel sent from heavens to claim my heart… will I faint?…. will I die? I guess i’ll find it out before the battle cry.eye in pain


Speaking without words

Speaking out loud,

The silence between us

Slowly made us fall

Into an innocent game;

Crossing eyes in a day of rain

A crossed heart did beat again,

Behind the rules we live in the daylight

In the shadows we’ll meet in our true state of art.



Edgar Fabián Gil Amado


with my fkng camera

To my Moon

She’s as beautiful as a breaking dawn with two suns upon the sky;

My heart burns in her presence, but even if it hurts

I stand unable to walk away.

My soul cries a song, it is an anthem to the rain;

And as I call her name

I wonder if she wants to be mine

For I’m already hers.



Edgar Fabian Gil Amado


And then one day…

One magical day he will pass away.

There will be nothing else to say

For those who speak will be long gone.

There will be nothing else to think,

For those who think will be beyond their thoughts

And the last one of their kind will fall asleep

Immerse in a dream once foretold

A dream meant to claim a realm, a Crown and a throne.

Made by:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark