The forbbiden is an eden

Where we may find the divine…!

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado226887_10150253871322139_584537138_9079730_8375742_n



Speaking without words

Speaking out loud,

The silence between us

Slowly made us fall

Into an innocent game;

Crossing eyes in a day of rain

A crossed heart did beat again,

Behind the rules we live in the daylight

In the shadows we’ll meet in our true state of art.



Edgar Fabián Gil Amado


with my fkng camera


Only god knows that i love her

Only god knows that I’m true;

Only god knows what i’m feeling every time she’s before me,

Only god knows how hard it is to  pretend everything is cool.

But I’m just dying to know her,

To be with her and not just there,

I want her to see me, not to look right through me,

I want her to be touched by my words.



Edgar Fabián Gil Amado

eye glasses with six generation

my eyeglasses