Sanctum pledge… not alive, not dead!

I know it isn’t a lie

Though it can’t be true,

This surreal feeling crushing my heart,

Something I did not choose.

I’d rather not to have a heart

But, what could I’ve possibly do?

Making friends to see her smile,

Making friends with pain is no truce.

Every beat is a battle cry

Every beat is a war I lose.

God have mercy for once!

Tell my eyes to love her not;

In the meantime I’ll say good bye

Good night and so long,

but Before sleeping…

let me offer a prayer for a kiss… ❤

And my soul for her love.

By: Fabian Gil Amado


2 thoughts on “Sanctum pledge… not alive, not dead!

  1. Wilson Raul Carreño Velasco says:

    really good

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