Once upon a time, a little dragon was sited in a bar, he was wondering; why does love feels like pain? Is it just me, or that’s the natural way? The little dragon wasn’t a popular guy; instead, he was really handsome, smart and he had the sweetest and biggest poetic heart, however, in the hamlet he used to live, loving wasn’t something that you could feel, it was more like another gambling game, an astonishingly expensive one, the kind of game were you need to be a rich man, not rich in heart, a loaded pimp would be the best way to describe the blue charming prince of his time.

Dragon en papiroplexia

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I’m not crazy he claimed, it is true that love is gold made, nevertheless, loving isn’t about money, love is what mean’s the heart when it makes to fall the stars into honey.

The poor fool looked like a possessed man, by those days, the little dragon had in the casino a huge debt, and he fell in love more than he cared.

Even the saddest story has an end, and this tale is near to find it as well.

In time, the little dragon grew old, not that much like for been bald, just a bit more than legal enough to get drunk; with the juvenile years long gone, the rules of the game harder became, the game was no more complex than it used to be, it was the fee of the bet what he couldn’t complete… immerse in pain and with a silly smile on his face, he wrote this words in his laptop.

Love is something I can’t afford, thankfully war is for free, and hate is all I have to give because my heart dwell within my chest cold and dry; starvation took away it’s life, now it is the desire in my flesh the one who lead in this insane dance; as I don’t have any money, I can’t procreate any son, I can’t afore a wife and I was love denied.

Involved in flames and grief, the noble dragon was buried in the rain… he had a tear on his face and I know this because the dragon was really me, I was buried in the dark with my still beating heart, I can’t love again, not because I don’t want to, it is just because I don’t have the money to get in the game; today it’s more attractive a moron with money in his hands than a man with a golden heart.

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Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

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