The Queen of Thorns

Involved in a shiny dark

A deathly girl brings flowers to the bar

She has the devil’s soul with an angel’s grace

The most bitter pain on the cutest face.


Dressed up with a napkin

She’s coming to my bed

A holy commandment should not entertain;

But, this glorious sin is been written in my name

I can’t fight it… it is easier to hold back the rain.

Covered with a thousand thorns and a couple of

Beautiful eyes; she shows no mercy; whit me she can’t be shy.


Oh red! What a vogue fashion runs through my veins;

With a tender touch she proposed me an exchange;

She lied down over my chest burying the thorns

Along with pleasure in to my flesh…

labios cellados

boca alambrada


All of this was just a dream, however,

The label of her lips is still on me;

The pain hasn’t gone and my heart still bleeds.

It is her absence the only unreal, I still

Love her and a crone of thorns is the

Forbidden memory for those who couldn’t forget.


Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark

if you liked it, or if you hated it… please leave a comment.

thank’s for reading!!!!

Esperen en proximos posts la continuacion de la historia anterior

5 thoughts on “The Queen of Thorns

  1. Norha Yonatan says:

    No lo he entendido del todo….ya buscare un buen interprete…Tambien tuve un sueño, con esa densidad enigmatica y con detalles tan peculiares!!!

  2. cherylmoore says:

    You are a talented poet, Edgar, thank you for sharing. Cheryl

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