Losing the woman you love is tragic; but never get to meeting her is just a sick and cruel joke; a sad coincidence, where she’s looking for you and you are looking for her as well ; however, the day when you look for her hand is the night when she prays god for you to be there… like this, it’s being many years where the sun and moon rises at the same time, in the same day to see the same hopeless and despair expression in a different place; only together,  moon and sun lights at once,  in one way will bless their union for ever and ever… and ever again.

So we’ve being told; but the world forgot whatever we need to see each other again, in the name of love you must across these walls to see her smile and touch her face; this is as hard as believing in god… Sometimes you think you saw a ghost, but it is really love playing tricks with your mind; a vicious mirage crushing your thoughts, it doesn’t matter how loud you call at her name, that shadow is not turning back …

The memory of something that never happened keep’s haunting my heart which superb is set on fire; it refuses to bleed out alone in the dark.

Made by:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark….



A bright heart made on black steel was stolen at plain sight by a cute thief. I didn’t mean it, she said smiling; cleaning her hands with my shirt; no fault or regret will let her forget all the pain she played in my chest like a violin setting on chess a dark strategy of devotion; no perfume could smell so good as her poison, that’s how you begin to lose the notion… that’s how all the wheels are set in motion.

“I love this game”, [she laughs again], “sing for me”, [now touching my broken armor]…

The bitter sound of a heart dying is the sweetest song on the grief valley; as much as my love brings the tender touch of fire; I’ll been always willing to warm up you body…


a candel who would know