last night, at the piano, you wrote with your tears the sweetest love song;

a bittersweet symphony singed by a lone wolf;

I’ve missed the moon too,

I’ve been looking into the stars,

all those gracious lights in the middle of the dark.

a firefly light our faces that night,

our hearts were racing for the  last time,

the dream that brought you to me is fading away,

we are out of time and

I’m drowning in my own sadness, i can’t help it,

I can see the dawn.

tonight i beg to our star

please to make you feel my heart,

even being under the same sky

i don’t want to be a stranger,

i wanna keep learning how to make you laugh,

this road means nothing without you,

you can’t, how could you?.

Please, think on me,

I want to hear you saying one day, I love you

Made by:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

the sight behind the dark

i hope you love it, if you liked it leave a comment.

dedicated to The girl I’ve knew once, even if we don’t remember it, we were pretty close each other, we’ve just met this year, but, i swear to God that i remember you from somewhere, or some when

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