sleeping with morpheus’s daughter

Last night i slept with a muse and even so i didn’t had the chance to dream.

“Ask me for any thing, if it is mine, you will have it, if I can reach it, it shall be in your hands . The Crist’s blood, , the fraternal love of Cain, Abel’s arrogance, lilith’s pudor, a vampire’s naiveness, an angels disease, a demon’s  sweet devotion…”

Her tender and shy  lips did open to barely allow scape 2 words “your heart” she said.

Suddenly, there where we were stand up, in the middle of a dense populated Street, we noticed our mouth seeking for each other, and that’s how our silence screamed at loud our story. The rain wanted to make it’s part imprinting a romance halo to the furtive affair, on an involuntary reflect and trying to be a perfect knight, i shot my umbrella to get sheltered under its shadow, and with our lips still sealed, she defeated the strength of  my arm with the softness of her hand, the message was clear even without words, “please, do not ruin the moment, allow them to see, even god has his eyes upon us”. For some few second i  swear,  i felt almost human.

The rain came with an applaud and it left us with my awakening…

This is the best dream I’ve ever had in a long time, because this is the first time I dream with her…Melpómene.

You had never gave me hopes, but, trying to forget a treason I found my heat beating again by your side, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it this time, after a long time of  being death inside I found not one, but two girl who deserve me,  I wish I were worthy of your tears, therefore, I’m realistic this time, I know I don’t like you, however, I want to be in your heart so bad.

I’m not gonna push my luck or force any thing, if it will happen, then so be it… let’s better put it this way, if she allow it to happen, then it will happen.


Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark

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