I always felt alone in the middle of a crowd, i noticed their presence, but, it’s them who ignore me, i’d be a lier if i say, that i’ve being walking alone all this time.  When my clade sent me to the city of Dite to see someone suffering realy closely to please their morbid gore, i found in the road a small group of soldiers, we ate and drank in a party under the autenticity of our union, the blood we shared came to us from the seductive mouth  of a bottle, it was then, when we decided to make a new herd where each one of us could hunt in the light of a new moon… but it didn’t took many time until our herd grow in number; and the diversity that came along with it brought also a plural individuality.

Suddenly, I found myself falling in black flames of a dark dead valley, governed by the sun of the damned, but, even so, i walk trough the valle of shadows without fear, becouse my brothers ran down to hell itself  to join to me on my campain of pain, and with a non request smile, they lend me their eyes to cry, they had realized by that time that my eyes forgot how to do it. The wounds in my body made  me imposible a new fight in the silent ground, that’s why, you charged for me my cross over my shield till the light show you the path.

The war  finaly reach it’s point of climax and we all want to come back home, however, they don’t have to walk all the way back, their heart’s buildt for them a new heaven were lie forever inside their chests.

We bleed  and sweat  together  my friends, we are the links of a long and  ancient chain; and we all must understand that far away from us is our freedom withing, i refuse to become in a fetter to you, our strength together is omnipotent, but noone in this world can give me the love of the only woman worthy of my heart, some times I wish I could be like you, you can fall in love with anyone; with me things are diferent, you see, my heart is an indomitable beast, proud and fierce it will obey only to the ultimate beating, it is locked in a box and the owner of the key have just throw the box to the sea.

I’m sorry guys, I know I have not be the best friend on world, I don’t know if I have being a friend at all.

Made by:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark.

If you loved it or if you hated it, leave a comment; Thank’s for Reading my blog.

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