Today is my daughter’s  birthday,  Erzsébet, and  just as any nobility family member, it must be celebrated in a castle of our lineage… the red moon threshold, the older castel we own; this castle is also the most impressive of our properties due to it’s size and arquitecture as well, it has belong to my house for generations. Making a party here is very rare, actually noone has made a party here since it was builded, but this time, the ocation requires  it,  and, if we consider the fact that this castle is  legally at my name, i shall use my right to make of this night something inmortal… Ha, i love how it sounds.

Early this morning, all the personal at our service traveled to the castle to make sure everything goes like a clock work… =_= …  Erzsébet  is  21 , her time has come, this are her years… My little one, my proud; people  use to think that Erzsébet  extremly weird and may be a bit  bimbo, she don’t talk in front of strangers; they don’t know her so well as I do.

She  loves painting till the point of using a complete  level of the manor where we live, to dry her canvas where lies within  her  spoiled vanity made art; her skin is so perfect as the light mixed with silk, and her face is so delicate as her voice, and   her heart is  so elusive that even the most skilled hunter wouldn’t be able to hunt her,  even if she is allready tight of hands and legs against a tree.

She is the alike her mother to her age, Mnemosyne… my wife, I love her with my soul,  the first seed of our love was influenced by my heart, that’s the reason why  Erzsébet  is like a replique of the goddess I love.


Erzsébet woke up  at noon today againts her  usual rutine,and in a mixture of emotion and nerves, she  see the almost emptyness of ous minor  as the lead to a huge surprise, and she  is not wrong at all.  Erzsébet  call without answer to her mom for asistance with her clothing, the nobility protocol has forbiden any kind of help today, however, nothing in this world can erase the  smile of cake she show me when she seek for me the good morning.

With the moon up in the sky upon the clouds the  hour of our departure to the castle  arrives,once in the car, I seize the moment to give her the first gift  of this night, and may be the most important  one.

It is the scarlet star, Sirio  twin sister, an exquisite Rubi, pure, delightful, when you see it againts the light you almost could swear that this rock is looking back,  her efusive reaction stole from my mouth my second gift, the leyend behind this rock, but, she was the first one to talk as allways.

Erzsébet=  it looks exactly as mom’s diamond, it even has the same shape.

FABIAN= it is may be my sweet doll because this is the same Stone.

Erzsébet= what do you mean?

FABIAN= just what i’ve said, the castle where we are going to, was builded for Fausto the just to celebrate the transmisión of his title, like you today.

But in that day, the events happening were anything but the expected.

Fauto was comited on marriage  at his 21 years old with a nobility blood Young lady, she was one year younger than Fausto;  Fausto loved  her  as much as i love to your mom, and, before of the ceremony beginning he ran to meet his fiancee  for making her a gift, it was the biggest diamond of it’s time, Sirio, the endless flame.

At his arrival,  she was not at the higest point of the castle, that was the meeting point,  Fausto looked for her between  the  battlements and the guarding posts of the tower; he found her, but she was not alone,  she was trying to hide with Fausto’s cousing who was kissing her like if he  were trying to stealing her soul with his tongue, heart broken, Fausto took his sword and pass it trough the lovers at the chest level;  inmediatly, shaking, he did put the necklace  with tenderness around the cheater’s neck, and as the purest act of a demon, the diamond did sucked the blood of both, traitor and cheater feed the rock, and by the end of that night, the  diamond turned red for many many years.

Fausto the just,your great-grandfather, gave 2 steps back and noticed with bitterness that the lovers lips  were  still  touching each other and  on their  faces, a warm expression full of love remain ever since, it was true love what made teir death a living heaven, and of  fausto’s life  a living hell.

Fausto  was never the same, and he sweared to god, he will never love again in the rest of his mortal life, his descendence comes to us from the sister of the traitor, his cousin, in the order to avoid a war  between the family, she accede  to get married with Fausto, but is well known that she loved Fausto since the beginning,  and thank’s to that woman, the diamond recover it’s original color, and Fausto made his heart beat again.

Erzsébet= wooooooooooowwww, that’s the best fairy tale you have ever made to me daddy.

FABIAN= Fairy tale? Do you think it is a fairy tale?,  where do you think is your mom right now?

Erzsébet= w…….hat..?…

ma fia

tomada con mi camara de video

Hey, the car just stopped, smile…..

Mnemosyne=  happy 21 bithday my Little baby.

Erzsébet= mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy, mommy, you’re here, and your diamond is ok!

Mnemosyne=  uhg?

Erzsébet= never mind mommy, thank’s dad u r the best……

I know nothing of this has happened, and if it happens, I will may be not like this… but I wish it so bad!

Made by

 Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark

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