At the dawn , i fall surrendered  at the ghosts arms, to dragged me to the nightmare world to live in hell under the sun; in this way the revulsive being gets it´s meal made of grief and pain untill the tyran gets tired and hides in it´s  liar. My always loyal and cute friend, wake me up beating my window with little stones of amatist, Onix, ambar and zafyr… from the heaven she salute me  beautyful and radiant, and with a with and beatiful smile, she touches my face tender. This noble and sweet creature has dare to find what noone try to search at in the deepness of my sight.the mighty nature of my eyes that burns in pasion with your poison…. Where the most of man should have a heart; it burns a sun in the middle  of the dark; becouse the one who made me up, decide set a fire instead putting a rock, without shape, or art…That´s  how she finds me  in the dark, she  guides folowing the lights came from mi pupils, tracking down my heart, this light reminds her own fear, the fear for love and the fear from me… the owner of her heart, never offer her mor than lonelyness and a bitter sad…

We use to geather back to back, to stare tre stars at the night, the stars who makes us suspire…those who shield back the phone or messeges at the wall, the same who dispice  our voices and tell us the wanna hung up.

My dear amiga… she look´s for me when she needs ashoulder to cry, and she does for me the same whe the winter don´t bring rain, it throus snow with suggar or maracuya.

Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

I had to meke a shorter version this time, i´m not at home today till next friday

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