Moon Ballad

Every single soul sprint at the village,  it is noon, and there is no time to lose, inbetween 15- 23 both men and women are made a mess, it is copmprensible, after all, tonights  outfit will determine us all… since shoes or  heels,  twins or cufflinks can made of you a wedding cake or just a muffin, the equation will realise the silk or the velvet… anyway… i just need to get you melted.

This darkness knight is realy singular, his all world turns arround this tall castle, the moon tonight may bring with it’s light a disaster…his girl could be a cristal maiden involved with a graciously mist, on  a twisted gaiden.

At the jacketflap a flower, for the search is required, the knight shall look for his love and she will be the one who’s dress match with his flower color.

Finally all is settle up, and this show must start… the foot steps are drawing  over a mármol canvas, an scene, in a white garden on spring, while the roof is blowing White and soft petals, naturally it’s  snowing.

Non exeptions are allow there, a roll in this ball you shall play… the naives princesses comes inside, and with a mask their gentle visages must hide… the surprise is sudden and complex, but no one object the rule, it feels like a labyrinth…this is getting cool.

The musicians plays a sad and bitter song… it talks the story of an ancient love…please  make her be the owner of this plant, please god!

I repeat once and again this ridiculous hope… i will melt that cristal ice mask with the heat of my sun…the one within my chest where a heart must being beating a foolish song.

If you still don’t get what you make me feel, is becouse your still lying to your reflect, comiting the same sin…but, at this light under this moon, in this castle, i will give you the ultímate truth…it is love what steal from you the air. It  makes a race in to your heart, and makes you feel insane… it will force you to say some thing crazy, something i learned stealing the petals from a daisy.

Tonight i’m going to admit it, it is me who makes you sick of love, and you are my illness…and i know you feel my hand each time i’ve wrote in the stars, using as ink my blood, it is what in the middle of the dance floor makes you blush with a  silly grin on your lips… i love it when you put my note to your chest, then i knew what you think, it is me reflect in your eyes… what you see is real not just lies.

Slowly you open your lips, their are the seeds of destruction, those black rubies… what you ask me almost make me cry… the exact words were… Shall we dance?… ever since, we will dance the same ballade, that this moon gives to us happy.

You stoped the time, and make it happened…  we lived together all that Winter, and a miracle came with the rain, your dress and my flower are agree, you are perfect for me.

Your fear loving someone , and you love that fear, then just fear me, if your safe like this.

Let me get  warm with the flames of your heart, it invites me since a long time, it was their shiny fulgor what show me the path, where, your love lies alone in the dark.

Made By

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The Sight Behind The Dark.

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También puedes leer este poema/historia en español en la publicación anterior de este mismo blog

Princess, i know that, that ghost remains  in your heart, but i am truly in love with you, even if i’m not worthy for you, i can’t stop my heart.

p.s: dra… uso-tsuki

2 thoughts on “Moon Ballad

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