murturi te salutant

Hi everyone, today i write to you to make a clarity about my writing style and the kind of things i use to do. Right now i’m writing  a book, this book will extend in a saga through 4 more books, the style how are writen this history, is not alike the way i’m writing this blog, this blog i writen at a lyric way in the orther to make it look more poethic, this way of writing will print more beauty to the piece.

Apart to this saga; i have in my mind 2 more books ideas independent between them.

I make tales too, they are just too long, and my seo recomended to make short writen, in this way the blog would be nicer to read.

Thank’s for Reading my blog.

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The Sight Behind The Dark

También puedes encontrar esta publicación en castellano en este mismo blog, es la publicación previa a esta.

2 thoughts on “murturi te salutant

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