A Shot In The Dark

Those long walks that use to extend for hours at the park, that same place wich act as a witness of our growing up, it looks barely like seconds that, i’m eager to march back. lying my feets over the old black and White footprints we left as you grow beautyfull to my sight…i wanna live again those sepia days, where laughing was so simple as breathing or  pant… i wish to be a child, and leave paper animal  at your window as the first gift you recived from my part; i hate origami, and thats why,on  that day, i ask to my mommy to make me a león with mane, one bigger than helena’s…since that day, you did understand that my deal is more than a crush, it is love within in my heart. When i was 4, i bécame on a thief, my first job was a kiss, you were the victim, or at least that was the thought in my mind; before the kiss, you closed your eyes, wich means you also wanted, the deception was perfect, even now when you remind it, you can’t handle it, you ambush my neck with your arms and burst in tears… we love each other, thats undeniable, no one can say anything againts that fact.

Here, at this same park, your heart as a gift, you deliver to me, dressed as an angel, with a werewolf, you go to bed on that hallowen night. Once out from our costumes, at https://latintademiespada.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpthe tree house  howling we crossed our fingers to make a pact. You would love me for ever after, but eventually, something would Split us apart.

But i was sadly mistaken… this is not a fairy tale, with a happy song or a happy ending, it only remind my body made pieces, while you cover my wounds with your hands, begging to heaven to stop the bleeding…that’s not working, your voice is crying, you know that my blood is not lying, there are many options for me…options to die today.

Over my face, salty drops are falling, now my eyes are open, it is not  rainy drops, where i’m drowning in, those are your tears what makes clean my skin.

The clouds have never made a pact with the sun, up in the sky the moon is not awake jet, even so, the tenderness tear with pain from your lips, makes that, even the farest stars shine in my name.

The growing pain is worst by the second, but this frozen cold  makes it fade away…that honest smile, was always like that summer when we ran away from home in the sunset. We played between the fireflies, that night they felt happy, they light our open sky crib, while we look for our clothes in the previous hour when sun makes it clear,  that in our lives there is not regret.

This moment will last for ever, like those kisses we use to search at sewing class… from those day just remain a sampler made with the threads we cross to find our real path.

Always i was afraid to fall in love in this way, it is huge what  i felt today, it isn’t pain it is love, however, it does hurts, but is a kind of hurt that i need to survive… today god it self came to separate us  apart.

You are my favorite person, and even like this, you can not come along with me, please give me a last kiss, one for the road, to don’t forget,  a kiss from the one i love, a kiss from the one i care.

You  touched me inside, my love, remember me always, as the flame that turned on your heart, and not like the terrorist who make it ashes, the prowler who set up a bomb in the middle of the dark.

This poem/story  is dedicated to the girl who i’m in love with. Princess, this could be magical fable in some  other life, with other names, one where you….you  are not the same, and where i…well, lets just say that, in this other world, i wouldn’t be so so unlovely. =_=.

Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The Sight Behind The Dark

If you loved it, or if you hate  it please leave a comment, thanks for reading my blog.

También puedes leer este poema/historia en español en la publicación anterior de este mismo blog

4 thoughts on “A Shot In The Dark

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