This story belong to the 4 sisters war storie series

The desert is full with danger, above all, when you walk under the sun light on suit with a briefcase replete by papers on blank….. for some reason, always, when i look under my foot, i can’t find my shadow .…..clumsy, i displace over the sand shrunken of shoulders watching at front…watching to nothing….as i go, far away, pass by mi side, many old cactus, dry with few thorns invaded of holes made by vermin  that save their pathetic lifes when they drain that liquid, the same liquid that one day made them flourish… but this decrepit mastodons are proud, and they won’t let them fall appart.…. if it is true that they  are still stand tall, their spectral figure offer an environment ideal for a vicious scene own of a prophet who haven’t tasted a single wáter drop since a year ago, without feeling his wife’s skin, women, who, didn’t recognized the last time they  meet  becouse she was shedding skin, or at least, that he’s being told by the muse mouth, the one with which tangle the day before he felt the urgent need for break out from home to find an epiphany to tell.

Foot print by foot print my track fade away inbetween the dark deception planted by the time since my shoes were socks till the patent leather that were carefully glazed.

My lips fired in blood,  outlined the morbid grin full with pain, with the banquet gently  given to the hawks…..evidente is to the eye the hate on the rapine that tear apart the reptile that is still alive… mmm…it shake’s in anguish and with useless purpose, it shriek with all the strength, while it’s clade await in the shadows in the surrounding rocks…a growing sound  drown the shriek…it is a ravens crowd  properly dressed to reclame the rest of the body that ab-intestato they will share.

Finally, the night arrive, and with the sun fallen i find mi way home, the stars salute me, the moon chase and the serene breeze that arrive with the gloom pampers me… it sound’s the sweeter lullaby that hoots with tender love.

Behind my bedroom door, defenceless it retreats the secret of my inmortality.

Back to the office, i hide in the dark mausoleum, and the ravens salute me again with their caw.

The sound of a voice is a true bless…and your Word well recived it is… it is hosted nicely, and in humble tone i sugest, please, allow me to use my body some time.

We have the same house, the same bedroom, the same friends, the same sight, the same eyes, and the same flesh, the same pustule with the same bitterness.

Today i dressed on red, i went to the cout room, an like any given day between Monday and fryday, i opened my briefcase, i bend my eyes, i grabbed my sword, i calíbrate the tilts, then i condemn 6 inocent people to be able to sleep again.

When i wake up i wanna see, a rope, two whisky bottles and vodka to share, one bale  with feathers, and in the cold ground,  gagged the assasin from yesterday…the bastard has a big house, and a beautifull woman, but, at his body, there is not a single innocence petal that use to adorn him on spring, saddly at Winter it couldn’t bloom again.

Now i’ll procede to make justice as my duty commands…i know you talked to my friend says the shit in your pants. by the way, Greetings from your wife, i find her this morning, in my garbage along with someother bags.

Ok, i already said enough… some stories are better recounted with blood, the plastic will help me to clean the garage.

I’m not being rude, instead, i wanna be honest, after 9:00 pm, i’ll laugh to death and probably, you die while i laugh.

This is not a toilet….. now smile ^_^

Be welcome everyone to my courtroom, my dogs are the jury, at the back of the knife the prosecutor and in front of it, the one to be punished.Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The Sight Behind The Dark

If you loved it, or if you hate  it please leave a comment, thanks for reading my blog.

Tambien puedes leer este mismo cuento en castellano en este blog, es la publicacion previa a este post

2 thoughts on “SUI GENERIS

  1. cute pictures says:

    excellent write up here, I couldnt have said it any better myself and I’m pretty good at writing lol

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