Dying for love, waiting to live on it.

Walking through the e.r. i could see, a contest no alien to me, like this start the story that sometimes makes me worry in the middle of the night, and haunt me in my sleep.

My heart is in pain and i’m still in the hospital waiting room, at triage, they told me, it isn’t so serious but that don’t look good too. with horrible open wounds  There are a lot of people waiting with me, even so,  they  don’t suffer like this… everybody seems to be calmed, bleeding to death in this dream makes no harm. This people looks happy, so, why do  i feel crappie?,…….the nurse holds a list and the contenders names she said at loud, quickly, it gather all the crowd, and the finalists are taken out.

The winners chariots to are fancy… mahogany, oak, pine and cedar, on this charming evening etiquette is required.

A huge parade happens on the street… the procession is about to leave… the hosts are quiet,  and people don’t buy it…… from street to street the world says hi, to the amusing circus passing by… the widows laugh, the orphans path, use to bring home a new dad, he shall put coin in their pockets…. while he play’s with their moms at the cold war with a rocket…. the kid pleased ran happy to the icecream shop at his new club, a house full with some other friends where boys and girls plays to mommy and daddy at the nights  play off game.

The cheerleader and the capitain has the uniform of the same team, one without clothes all dressed all with pink……….. make love and say no to war, or make a war just to make love.

I’m still stucked  in the hospital, and the doctor say my name, she smiles after stealing my robe, and murmur in a wishper, let’s put a   beat in that heart again.

Made by:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The Sight Behind The Dark

If you loved it, or if you hate  it please leave a comment, thanks for reading my blog.

One thought on “Dying for love, waiting to live on it.

  1. Adrians says:

    Super un poco raro, pero chevere

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