Good morning Little freak, we find  the same predicament again, the yellow lagoon along my wall was the most  stinky greetings i’ve ever seen, but even so, the message was clear……………. you are still there.

i always will remember our first fight, you ran after me all week long, and once more the day after that, just to have a pleasent moment with my pant…………….. you  damn animal, all my closet change after that.

I wish to keep my dignity telling you how dangerous is the beast that made a nightmare of a walk on the park, it is not a doberman, it is more something like a rat………. the real threat is it’s  owner, i can’t handle that man, he has the size of a mountain, the hair of a lion, the eyes of psychopath, and robot arms, the man has more muscles than a gym, at first sight he seems to be a gladiator, and here comes the laugh…………. the dog name is coki and the guys name is miss march……………. and yeah the dude earned the title at the contest the american gay doll, how kool is that!.

i don’t have  anything againts gay people, i must say, my best friend is a lesbian, and her girlfriend makes an awesome cheese cake, this guy is also a good person, on his pet lays his defect, 3 days ago my shoes gone Brown, and  my pant boots were punished on that way.

when i come back home the only chance to keep clean my shoes and my  clothes , is playing hopscotch, hahahahahahaha, i’m back on my kínder days.

Last Monday, i ran a block and a half just to get myself out of sight and kick the dog ass, but instead of  hurting the white rat, it’s eyes broke my heart, then,  the Little puppy hook up  my jeans for umpteenth time.

Aaahhhh!…………….. (O_0) however, i  had a dog, it’s name was custer, also named the marquis of my block.

At the end of the day  i don’t blame you, my  jeans are too sexy and you love blue……………. the same shit, the same shoes……………………. but i gotta thank you the tender gesture on that last sunset my newest furry friend…. you did shake your ass like if it had a tail.

that day i was sad missing someone i’ve never had, the girl i love, she has stop loving at all, this fissure across my heart menace me……….. one more jilted lover, my heart shall  not deserve  to beat.

Thanks furry midget, you made me smile again, she will remain in my soul, and you are now a good friend.

Made by:

Edgar Fabián Gil Amado

The Sight behind the da


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