It wasn’t needed your presence for you to touch my heart, although it work’s with perfect compass, i’m in agony before the absence of reason.

This waltz wasn’t made for dancing alone, my attire require a couple, the  toxido i’m wearing propose a melody with your dress for an enchanted evening.

I know that tonight you’re not looking for company, or somebody to love…….forget your  friends…….allow me to talk, ………. Inside my chest you will find shelter, on the entrance gate,  i shall recibe you with a hug, the rain brought you my beloved one,the epiphany is the ocation, it was honest, the look in your eyes………….i could never hurt you my dear love.

Perennial roars in his sleep, beat’s the same balade inside of me, becouse nobody can avoid to their souls, being touched by the sweetest melody tone made by the eternal instrument, that on a red note, tale’s us a story of pain, happiness and devotion.

This feeling is a dream itself, indómita storm invokes with tirany, the emotions rules over me, the happiness blushes the sky, it fall’s with softness a White veil that will give us the perfect alibi for our sins.

I don’t hope you understand it, the fear confines you, you are a locked butterfly at a cristal box, trapped with the espectation of never get lost, however, yourself ignore that  the cristal box was founded by a prince inmerse  at an spell, a floating petal came along the creek, it brought me the reflect of that old elusive gift, that’s the only clue  that i have of the only one, who must  govern this croesus empire at verses  of  an stoic  lover, tight of hands   with the face full-fledged with tender worship.

I  have molded with patience at ceramics, a mock of the divinity who showed to me  the  living picture of perfection.

Saddly,  magnificent at it’s shape, the porcelain breaks easily, that exuberant  show  to my eyes, isn’t capable of vanishing the  sadness and shame  when I remember it’s real condition; that supernatural beauty  was cursed eons ago by gods with the only thing they have to spare; time and loneliness.

You are my owner, and  it drives me crazy, when I try to fit in my mind that you don’t wanna love any more……nevermind, some days later, you will see how invisible I can be.

I  shall not bother you again.

Made by: Edgar Fabián Gil Amado

The Sight behind the dark

down, previous to this post you can read the same poem at spanish ( at it’s original ver)

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