My crib meant a castle, however, i lie down pretty wounded at the dark dungeon where the guilt sigh at my ears, how gross i feel.

When i present with a flower on the twilight back from the kinder garden, a warm smile on your face were your answer.

The disgust is imposible to hide, shame has being sculpted at her lips each time she had to say my name at loud.

From deception comes my inception, the resurrection will supose my redemption, armagedon seems like a dream, but reality is much worst.

Disapointment  defines me, it is my verb, those are the hoots and howls of my hunger.

Fame, dawn provides  me , noon with infame marked me, the sunset is threating me with darkness, anonimous my name, my flesh is already transparent, my bones has a radiant absence of shine, a tremulous grin guide me to my grave.
well dressed on elegance and grace, i’ll hold your hand, here begins our epic trace.

Sitted by my crib, a lullaby, stops my weeping, standing by my door, your roar scares me, and awakes my anger.

You spected  every thing from me, i don’t think i can finish this standed up.

Once, i resided at your bowels,  the swelling still remain burning in flames.

For your consideration, i’ll walk away singing my farewell, the ocarina, it sound this time like rain.

So long, this is my train

4 thoughts on “THIS IS MY TRAIN

  1. hola!!! esto de los blogs es bastante entretenido…aunque luego se siente como si no se escribiera para nadie, o que hago cosas invisibles! bueno, no tanto, pero igual es dificil!
    Mafecita me dijo de su blog! y aunque no entiendo mucho de ingles, me ha gustado! (lastima q no sea de blogger para seguirlo!)

    • fabiangila says:

      wow, edades si saber de ti, me halaga saber que has leido mi blog, corre la bola por ahi vale?, te recomiendo, en mi blog, your shadow at the pond. un abrazo, y si puedes seguir mi blog desde facebook. ^_^

      o puedes seguirlo haciendo clic en la aplicación de rss, esta en el lado derecho en mi blog, después de la clasificación categorías, gracias de nuevo

  2. 😦 es como complicado eso de seguir!!!!

  3. fabiangila says:

    no tanto, dale, prueba!

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