I do love you, but i fear your heart, last night, i’ve  dreamed with you, we were together at dark, while we walk through the adonis garden, i try to touch your hand, even knowing, that  just an osculation can Split us apart, i take the chance, the sorrow limit me, my soul can’t stand  one more day without an afection show from your part, you’re smiling, i’m unable to think what’s happening on you mind, are you mocking me? Or, are you inviting me to  fade away along in your dress, on the  chamber of the lies?

Seated by the pond, i stare the reflect of my own kind, is a frog what i see, that’s becouse, i feel like that, a dispicable creature, with nothing to give, only croaking in the nights, searching for love, eating a fly, may be two, perhaps you feel like this too, how could anybody come any closer to me?, if you touch me, you’ll understand how gross is my skin, this claws are craving the silk that covers your body,  it injures my being, like mauling a rabbit, frustation forces me to cry, even without skin i’m a monster alike.

Will you ever kiss that frog?, not even i, would dare to do such revultion.

If, i confes, i could die,why don’t you eat my heart tonight, and spit it in the down, if, you knew the true, the posibility is rejection or a travel to Paradise; but if the result is only a grin followed for a laugh, i would rather run away, to never wake up.

I love you indeed; but i fear to know, what do you feel about me?.

Made By

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark

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