Flammeum Cordis

The gloomy and mesmerizing presence of lust,
will make you understand the deepness of my dread;
Every time I think in love, It is fear what I feel instead…
this restless desire is making me growing grey,
The outrageous song of my heart
cries out for light in a dark day
But as true as it is that I can not give what I do not have
I know that enduring this pain will make of my path a bitter march.


Don’t you love it… how naive and silly love can get to be?
crowded with cliches and corny phrases
painting in violet all our paces and mixing always happy with sad.
Oh my heart… I have noone to love, and yet, I can’t help to hear you beating;
please remember what pain taught us before… no matter what You see in the movies
that’s only a sweet sweet lie… It has to be a lie.

Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark


A thousand steps I’ve walked in my bed…
For those I recall, one dream has been shared;
Put them together, the sigh says all over again
The pieces shows nothing… nothing but a silhouette.
The soul tells stories with passion and blood
Crying at loud in sorrow, a long lost memory of love.

Yes… Once You were loved;
repeats the ancient echo in my head
My heart feels the agony of something missing again
And by the the time I remember that I am on my own
I find myself walking alone in the labyrinth of fools

Made by:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark


If pleasure brings the sin and abstinence the pain

Let’s pray for that kind of satisfaction that hurts in a good way.

My heart used to love deception and all those shameful thornes,

Now… I only breathe my true passion; It is writing what turns me on.

However; no matter how far my savage soul gets to fly away,

It is yet chained to my body, to Its needs and Its zest

So… come to me and heal my body, stay with me and free my soul

don’t walk away like allways happens, don’t leave me alone after the dawn.

sexy silhouet

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Made By:

Edgar Fabian Gil Amado

The sight behind the dark